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  • Ashya King Cleared Of Cancer
    Our publicist Jonathan Hartley is representing the family of Ashya King whose story made headlines across the globe. Do you need media help?
  • God In The Clouds
    This stunning photo was taken on a mobile phone. We have sold the photo to newspapers and TV channels.
    Our exclusive photo and story of Jihadi John when he was a schoolboy is being sold across the globe. Sell your story or photo today.
  • Saturdays Band
    This photo was one of a series taken by a man out of his hotel bedroom. We sold this photo exclusively for the lucky snapper.
  • The Sun Front Page Story
    Our exclusive story in The Sun newspaper revealed how a mum and her son had made a miraculous escape from ISIS.
  • Royal Hitchhikers
    Prince William, Kate and their dog Lupo pictured after hitching a ride by helicopter. The set of pictures sold around the world.
  • Woolwich Killer Raped Me
    Our exclusive front page story revealed how Michael Adebolajo had raped a 14 year old girl.
  • Cat In A Jar
    This photo of a cat getting itself in to a tight squeeze was a huge hit in newspapers and magazines across the world.
  • Barclays Bank Details For Sale
    This front page exclusive came from a whistleblower who retained their anonymity.
  • Panda-monium
    A mother panda and her mum enjoy a swing at the zoo. We were able to sell the photos around the world.
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